Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why the Bomb Sheez?

Why the Bomb Sheez? Just because it's my Xbox live motto and I feel I should just go with it. I can't turn my back on the motto! Hook it up if you game- Mariss29. Wow, first blog... Ok, so I'm really not exactly sure what I should be doing here. I'm not one of those people that can jump in the hot tub; I have to take my time and slowly lower myself in to get use to scalding water. I hate hot tubs. 
Things I will definitely be discussing in future blogs:
Console wars- why the Wii will continue to outsell the other, far superior, consoles. 
Nintento- how they ditched their true friends (actual gamers), to hang with the superficial female. Why nintendo? Why?... oh right, money.
Game Reviews-Movie Reviews-Book Reviews
Kids & Video Games- why some kids need to ease up... why some parents should monitor more.
The Beauty of Baseball- why it's just the best game around.
Stadium Reviews- every year I visit different major league ballparks. I'll talk about my experience at the game as well as the city that surrounds it.
I'm sure there is so much more I would like to discuss but in all seriousness, I'm hungry... time for a late night snack... my favorite!

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